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Love in Bloom: one artist's journey

Love in Bloom grew from the love story between artist Lisa Tilihoi and her husband, Arnold. The pair met as children but grew up on separate continents. When they reunited briefly in 2007, the divide between their two souls closed.

Despite the wide, cold, and unforgiving Atlantic between them for the following year, they loved fearlessly.

Through the tempest of long-distance, flowers arrived from overseas and left that young woman deliciously haunted by their beauty. They were never to be thrown away; these stems connected to her lover. They were to be as immortal as her love for him. A concept was nurtured until it shot up from the roots of ordinary life and blossomed onto canvases.

The artist informs us flowers will exist beyond the net of time’s observant veil. When the world is fast asleep and time turns within us all, flowers will be spared. On these canvases will live cocoons of buds, surges of petals, and the colors of a bright, fearless love. Above all, love.

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